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Welcome back to our guide on How to Get Your Business Online? In our last post, we briefly discussed how to get your business online. Now we begin to dive into the details and tips starting with step 1, how to choose the right domain name. 

What is a Domain Name?   

A domain name is the network address that helps identify your IP address. The IP address is what enables a device to connect to a website. The domain name is part of a more extensive system called the domain name system, otherwise known as the DNS. Without this, users would have to input a number sequence to visit your website which would be annoying.  

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Domain Name?  

Oftentimes, it can be the first encounter users have with your brand. It is vital given that users find your website via a Google search. That means your domain should build trust between you and your users. For example, if you already have a well-established business, use your business name as your domain name because customers are already familiar with it. On the other hand, if you have an extremely long domain name, users may find you untrustworthy.  

With that being said, here are our tips for choosing a good domain name.  

Tip 1 – .ca or .com  

Now when you are choosing a domain you have multiple different domain extensions to choose from. A domain extension is the ending of your domain name. Some examples of domain extensions are .com. .ca, .org, .net, and many more. Nowadays you can even get domain names that fit your industry such as .tehcnology .agency or .fashion. There are many different kinds of domain extensions, so be sure to explore the ones you like.   

If you are a Canadian business you may wonder whether .com or .ca is better for your business. Generally speaking, .ca is better if your target audience lives in Canada as Canadians are more likely to trust .ca domains. If you are targeting an international audience then .com may be the better option. However, it is a good idea to have both domains as you can always redirect traffic to the main website. Having both also ensures no one else can impersonate your business.   

Tip 2 – Incorporate Keywords 

Search engines use many different factors to understand what your website is about and one of them is your domain name. If your domain name has the product you’re selling, it will be easier for Google to understand your website thus improving your ranking. It is not the end all be all for SEO, but it is something to consider when choosing a domain name, especially for a new business.  

Tip 3 – Make it Easy to Spell  

Don’t choose an overly complicated domain name that is difficult to spell. It should be easy to spell and remember. Word-of-mouth advertising will only work if users can spell and remember your domain name. If it is complicated to spell or hard to remember it will be much easier for people to forget your domain.  

On the same note, it is also a good idea to avoid hyphens and double letters. It is another way to make it harder for people to remember your domain name.  

Tip 4 – Research Social Media Handles  

It is a good idea to research which social media handles are still available. Ideally, you would want your social media handles to be similar to your domain name if not identical. You can use tools such as namecheckr to see what social media handles are available. Namecheckr also provides useful information such as trademarks.  

Tip 5 – Keep your Domain Name Short 

Keeping your domain name short will help with having a positive user experience. It is no secret that users want their information fast. The longer the domain name is, the longer users will spend typing it in. Not only is it a hassle for users to type in such a long domain name, but it also increases the chances of people making spelling mistakes. The problem is users often take themselves to the wrong website. However, counter this by purchasing common misspellings of your domain.  

Tip 6 – Buy Multiple Domains 

You can buy different versions of your domain. As we mentioned, you can buy the .com and .ca versions, but you can also buy more. Not only can you buy additional domain extensions, but you can also get common misspellings of your domain. Then use these domains to redirect traffic to your website.  


And that is how you choose the right domain name. If you have any questions, throw them into the comment section. In the next step of taking your business online, we will cover how to plan your website. If you found this guide helpful, share it with a friend who can use this information. If you’re looking to start your online journey, explore our shared hosting plans by clicking here!

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