Welcome back to our guide on How to Get Your Business Online? In our most recent post for this series, we talked over how to design your website. After you have completed the design process, the next step is to create valuable website content so let’s look at how to do that.

What Makes Valuable Website Content?

A valuable website content has to be adequate and in line with your website purpose to make it successful. It also has to be optimized so it can stand up to your rivals and appeal to your audience across the board.

When you grab the attention of your audience to your website, you need to make sure they stick around and find their way through your website to get the information they have come in search of.

Making your audience stay on your website longer improves the chances of them converting into customers which you can achieve by having an effective web copy.

Why Web Copy is Important?

Web copy refers to the main body of text on your website. Usually, these body of texts include the Homepage, About Us Page, Products/Services Page, and FAQ. It is essential as it attracts audience and drive them to take a specific action such as signing up, join the mailing list, fill out an online form, or make a purchase.

In a nutshell, making valuable website content requires effective web copywriting.

Here are some of our writing for the web tips to help you accomplish this:

Tip 1 – Recognize Your Target Audience

When selling is your main goal, you have to recognize your target audience as it will help you plan for content that will hook potential customers.

Write in the ways wherein you get into your target audience mindset. If you know how they talk or search, then you can begin developing a connection based on trust which can lead them to become loyal customers especially if you show that you have what they need.

Tip 2 – Keep It Clear and Simple

It’s advisable to keep with short, basic sentences for the majority of website content. The reader will become disinterested in the topic if the sentences are unclear and lengthy. Your readers may understand and retain more information if you keep it clear and simple. So make sure to utilize the following:

  • Limit the use of adverbs and adjectives to keep sentences brief and concise.
  • Don’t use jargon since not all readers are experts. Make sure information is understandable as the web is for everyone. Spell out acronyms on first reference. Replace professional terminology with straight forward substitutes and provide hyperlinks to other articles with more background information on a particular topic.
  • Stick to active voice to create neat, more direct sentences as it’s more engaging to your audience.
  • Use a readability grading tool like in Microsoft Word to score your writing. This will help you check if your writing is easy for your audience.

Tip 3 – Make Text Scannable

Layout is crucial as well. Most web readers will scan the page to find specific piece of information. If they don’t easily find what they’re looking for, they’ll move on. So make sure the text is organized and easy to skim.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Instead of one long page of text-heavy paragraphs, use headers, bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Include white space between different elements on your page.
  • Content should be divided into subsections with clear subheadings.

Tip 4 – Add Multimedia

Apart from the text on your website, it is better if you add multimedia to engage your audience with your brand and business offering.

According to research, humans absorb visual information much more quickly than text because the majority of the human brain is visual.

Incorporating pictures, graphs, or videos to your web copy will help your audience process information and grab their attention. 

Tip 5 – Establish Successful CTA

A call to action (CTA) is a directive that encourage visitors to do some sort of action on your website. Visitors won’t be able know what they’re supposed to do if the CTA is ineffective.

If you want your visitors to fill out an online form, subscribe, or make a purchase, then make certain that it is apparent and should focus on one action at a time. Use action verbs like  “Sign Up,” “Join,” or “Add to Cart.” By keeping it simple and direct when writing, a successful CTA can be established.

Tip 6 – Optimize for Search Engines

Valuable website content is SEO-optimized. This means it is written in a way that appeals to search engines, and to humans as well. Content that has been optimized for search engines includes important keywords that your audience is looking for.

The goal of search engines is to rapidly, effectively, and accurately provide people with the information they are seeking. Understanding these keywords and the precise search terms used by your target audience is the key.

When writing SEO-optimized content, you have to perform research around keywords. If you know what your target audience is searching for, then you know what words and terms to include in titles, subheadings, and meta descriptions of your website content. That should give you a significant improvement in search engine results.

Tip 7 – Keep Your Website Up to Date

Let’s say that you already have done all the right steps and written some great content on your website. Can you just leave it there? Absolutely not.

You will want to always be updating your content to make your website better. It is necessary as there might have been some changes in your company, or you might find out that there’s information that your target audience are really looking for and you want to add that in. See if your keywords are still relevant because what people are searching for change over time.  So you need to make sure all of that is still accurate and work on your website towards being better all the time.


And that is how you create valuable website content! In the next step of taking your business online, we will discuss how to make your website easy to find. Leave a comment if you have any questions, and share this article if you found it useful. Just in case if you want to know if your hard drive is failing, click here.

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